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At Ostool Al Naqel, safety is our operational priority. Whether tackling our team, the street environment or our customer’s valuable cargo, we take the appropriate measures, apply the necessary standards and trainings not only to meet our customers’ expectations but also to exceed them.
Our safety policies have been developed to promote a positive and proactive approach towards safety. We are always monitoring truck, cargo and driver’s safety performance and this has evolved into a key component within our operations. We have invested a lot of our knowledge and experience into our safety operations, and this turned out quite effective and visible within our outstanding safety records. We believe that our proactive attention towards safety has placed us amongst the industry leaders in the land transportation services.

To further increase and enforce our security policies, our employees are trained on all safety standards applications allowing them to increase road safety, in-truck safety and safety for unprotected road-users. We own top of the line maintenance workshops that consistently perform in-house maintenance and safety inspections for all our fleet.

In a nutshell, safety standards are one of Ostool Al Naqel prime focus, ensuring the safety of our valuable customer’s cargo, our employees and our fleet is our greatest concern.