Retailing and Operation

Retailing and Operation

This is one of the most important divisions of the company, containing its core products which are provided to customers through a number of stations and rest houses in addition to fast service centers.


The services provided by the fast service centers are:


Fuel Services

  • Petrol 95
  • Petrol 91
  • Diesel
  • Prepaid Calling Cards

Fuel services are provided at stations and rest houses only.

Palm Stores

These services are provided through retail stores with the SASCO’s Palm trademark. These stores offer a basket of items that have been carefully studied and selected to meet the needs of customers, whether they are travelers on the highways between cities, or drivers and passengers of vehicles within the cities. Stocked items focus on the following categories:

  • Food Supply Materials
  • Non-Food Supply Materials
  • Dairy Products and Ice Cream
  • Tools & Accessories
  • Prepaid Calling Cards

Palm Cafe