Why SASCO not others to be your favorite choice, there are several reasons, including (Integration Services - Quality - family interest , and other services and reasons that we would quote in detail:

Service integration

Our aim, through the range of integrated services that we provide, is to ensure that we meet all your needs at one stop.

From the main product - fuels - to the specific relaxation, leisure, services provided by the company, customers are offered much to take advantage of and enjoy.

SASCO provides for all necessities and needs of travelers and drivers such as: general supplies and fresh food, newspapers and magazines, cold drinks and snacks.

The services provided by SASCO include motels carefully designed to comply with relevant engineering standards and in which basic services are provided such as: security and safety, room service, delivery services, and Internet services.

The design of these motels takes into account diversity of areas, rooms, and suites and provision of safe places for children to play equipped with necessities such as telephones and multi-channel televisions.

SASCO also provides rapid workshop services and routine maintenance for large and small vehicles, including tire and oil change services and sale of consumer items including decor supplies, luxuries and original spare parts.

Quality and standard

A major attraction for customers using our services is our emphasis on ongoing quality control in accordance with carefully set standards that ensure added value to the customer experience

Family interest

When stopping to refuel their cars, parents need not be concerned about their children. They will find favorite foods or snacks to enjoy, ices, and play places for children and families designed with safety and privacy in mind and adaptable to all groups and businesses.

Geographic expansion

Whether rapid service centers, stations or rest houses with integrated services SASCO sites are carefully chosen to ensure optimal geographic coverage of the various regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to guarantee availability to travelers and drivers of services that they expect to find (to which they are accustomed) at any destination.

Renewable offers

The company offers an innovative basket of seasonal and periodic offers on its products, supplies and other services. These may be followed on our website or viewed at our premises.

Institutional work

In collaboration with an international consultancy firm specializing in the company’s business sector, in order to secure customer satisfaction and achieve its objectives the company operates in the framework of integrated institutional care.

Accumulated experience

As one of the first companies working in its field of activity SASCO has significant competitive advantage. The accumulated experience of our staff increases our understanding of the wishes of our customers and our ability to provide the best products.