Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Chairman Message

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed a quantum leap in the activities of its various business sectors. There has been a steady growth in projects and plans that have reflected positively on most of our service sectors, lending concrete support to cultural, economic, and tourism development, as well as construction.

Saudi Automotive Services Co. (SASCO) is one of the premier establishments operating in the services sector, serving commuters and travelers throughout Saudi Arabia. SASCO was established in 1402H (1982), according to specific operating standards that set a priority for customer satisfaction.

The company’s accumulated experience, built up over 3 decades, provides a solid base for uplifting the company and setting a new benchmark for its services.

SASCO’s awareness of its responsibilities has led to the setting up of developmental procedures, for all its sectors, in harmony with its expansion policy. The company has begun to develop its organizational structure and formulate strategic plans and future policies to build an operational action program. The purpose is to improve SASCO’s performance, in the interests of its shareholders, and to contribute in developing the sector in alignment with the needs and demands of citizens, residents and visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These policies and development plans have certainly made a positive impact on the company’s services. The features of this evolution start to manifest themselves most clearly when the company is moving from the planning stage to activating the operational implementation of the strategies.

SASCO has completed reconstructing its identity, as well as planning and restructuring its sites, to provide a new level of integrated services in accordance with its decisions on form and content. All aspects of operation and design are taken into account, based on qualitative and quantitative study for a full understanding of the requirements of the market, to best meet the needs of customers.

To cope with substantial development, particularly in the tourism and transport sectors, SASCO has expanded its network in our cities and on the highways, as well as expanding its developed and updated range of services. Thus SASCO is the first in its initiative, remaining the leader in its field, as its customers and shareholders are accustomed to.

We consider our employees, suppliers and customers, as success partners through applying the concept of continuous feedback with an open-door policy, accepting focused criticism and adopting developmental ideas.


Thank you.

Ibrahim Alhudaithi