CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message
Welcome to our website. Welcome to SASCO.
On behalf of the executive management, I would like to express our sincere thanks for your continuous support, and I look forward more of your confidence, and we continue to strengthen our performance to continue excelling through. I would also like to thank the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors for their efforts to achieve the objectives of the company and all employees of the company on a permanent aspiration and eagerness to implement the projected plans, policies and objectives.
Today, we can look back with great pride at SASCO’s numerous successes and achievements over the few years, and this certainly lies in the dedication of management and staff in leverage our industry at the highest level of professional performance and strong partnership we have built with our customers and partners in all activities of Fuel Stations services, and their confidence in our capabilities, and integration services in our sites, which contributed greatly to deliver our vision to customers, which we have recognized the main player in the field of fuel stations.

Our firm belief in continuous progress, however, drives us to always aim higher; this is indeed what we do through the vertical expansion of our continuous development of both the station design and the services provided to customers and vehicles, also horizontal expansion to acquire the target vital sites.

In order to achieve its vision, SASCO has set well-defined objectives including maximizing efficiency, focusing on customers' needs, delivering high quality types of Fuel Stations. We feel proud that our locations today touch the lives of millions of people around the kingdom …… “SASCO….. Refreshing Reasons to Stop”

With the Continuous support of Mr. Ibrahim Alhudaithi, SASCO Board Chairman, we shall be doing our utmost to keep up the company’s leading competitive position in Saudi Arabia at large, and we shall continually strive to achieve growth and excellence in customers’ services.

Thank you.
Riyadh Almalik
Chief Executive Officer - CEO