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Saudi Automotive Services Co "SASCO" is a Saudi public shareholding company. It has been established by the ministerial decree No. 563 dated 23/12/1402H corresponding to 10/12/1982. SASCO’s activities are represented in car service centers, a number of motels, restaurants, fuel transportation, the import and sale of equipment, as well as the provision of beverages supplied using modern and well-maintained equipment
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Chairman Message

Chairman Message
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed a quantum leap in the activities of its various business sectors. There has been a steady growth in projects and plans that have reflected positively on most of our service sectors, lending concrete support to cultural, economic, and tourism development, as well as construction.
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Mission & Vision

SASCO Mission

To provide a range of integrated services to motorists and travelers, inside and outside the cities...

SASCO Vision

To become the premier company, in terms of service quality and integration, and an example in the field of automotive service...
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SASCO is working within a framework of values that we believe will help us to achieve our vision and mission.


We commit to the concept of total quality in all our business activities and services to achieve added value for our customers and our shareholders.

Customer Satisfaction

A key objective around which all the efforts of our employees concentrate on, to the best of our abilities, to achieve success.


All of the company’s employees are personally responsible for adopting the highest standards of professional conduct, including honesty, fairness and commitment.
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Board of Directors

Mr. Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Alhudaithi
Chairman Chairman of Executive Committee
Mr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Alhudaithi
Vice Chairman Managing Director Executive Committee Member
Mr. Majed Bin Mohammed AL-Othman
Board Member Remuneration and Nomination Committee Member
Mr. Riyadh Bin Saleh AlMalik
Board Member Executive Committee Member CEO
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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure
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Strategic Plan

The board of directors sets a priority to build a developmental strategy plan, as a roadmap for the board and executive management, to achieve the goals set out in the plan itself. These include qualitative and quantitative objectives, as well as administrative and organizational targets. The plan has incorporated a list of objectives, with control mechanisms and performance assessment verified periodically.
The most significant objectives of the development plan are summarized as:
  • Improving the quality of services and achieving the appropriate level of quality provided.
  • Setting up a network of stations, inside and outside the cities, to become one of the three largest companies active in this field.
  • Developing the transport division to meet the company’s needs, while transforming it from a cost center to a profit center.
  • Developing the company’s new corporate identity, to keep pace with customer expectations.
  • Building alliances with international and leading companies working in the service divisions including catering companies, accommodation services, oil, car maintenance, and tire services.
  • Applying the concept of total quality through all divisions of the company.
  • Developing and activating the services provided by the Saudi Automobile & Touring Association (SATA), including increasing the market share in Triptik sales and issuing of international licenses.
  • Managing the company’s financial resources in the operational field to achieve the best returns.
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Why SASCO not others to be your favorite choice, there are several reasons, including (Integration Services - Quality - family interest , and other services and reasons that we would quote in detail:
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CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message
Welcome to our website. Welcome to SASCO.
On behalf of the executive management, I would like to express our sincere thanks for your continuous support, and I look forward more of your confidence, and we continue to strengthen our performance to continue excelling through. I would also like to thank the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors for their efforts to achieve the objectives of the company and all employees of the company on a permanent aspiration and eagerness to implement the projected plans, policies and objectives.